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Notes on package sent by post

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  • Last updated:2019-07-24
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1. To mail package to inmate, the targeted inmate should write report applying for the items and package sheet in advance; and mails it to the closest relative or family member after being approved by the prison. To mail the proved package, sender should stick the package sheet on package surface for identification; if no such package sheet attached, the prison’s General Affairs Section will reject and return it back to sender; and if the articles in the package differ from the applied/approved one, inmate receiver should return them back by affording the extra postal cost alone.

2. Sorts and restriction to articles mailed into the prison:
  (1) Forbid to mail in food to inmate since it is hard to keep fresh.
  (2) Medicine mailed to inmate is limited to the one that the targeted inmate has already reported to and approved by the prison, defined in doctor’s prescription and prepared by public hospital. Also, sender needs to attach the doctor’s prescription and copy of sender’s personal ID card in both sides to the medicine package.
  (3)Daily essential commodities:
     i. In order to incubate inmate’s independent and frugal behavior, it is improper to mail in luxury for inmate to use.
    ii. To cut out the channel of sending contraband to inmate illegally, unless other special case being reported to and approved by the prison, any daily essential commodity supplied to inmates should apply the one procured by the prison for inmates in ordinary price.
  (4)Books should not hinder prison discipline or inmate’s correction; the amount is restricted to three books per lot sent in.

3. The prison will assign specific personnel to check post package in front of the inmate receiver in restrict way; if any suspicious article is found, they will inform to the ethic personnel immediately; and if illegal is discovered in the checking process, the prison will transfer the case to procuratorial authority handling it.

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