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Contacting way

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  • Last updated:2023-03-30
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By hotline or service mailbox of Kinmen Prison

Unit Phone number Email address
Secretary Office 082-333205 kmps@mail.moj.gov.tw
Keyboard 082-332283  
General Affairs Section 082-332283 kmpgac@mail.moj.gov.tw
Roster Management Section 082-332283#213  kmpgn@mail.moj.gov.tw
Guard and Control Section 082-331653 kmpc@mail.moj.gov.tw
Edification and Education Section 082-332283#501  kmpcseo@mail.moj.gov.tw
Personal Office 082-336201 kmpp@mail.moj.gov.tw
Accounting Office 082-330741 kmpa@mail.moj.gov.tw
Report box 082-332283#501 kmpn@mail.moj.gov.tw
Public opinion mailbox 082-332283#104 kmpmail@mail.moj.gov.tw
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