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Public Service Plan

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A. Preface

In the modern government’s administration idea, “people” are the government’s actual boss; officers have been the “public servants” since long time ago. The Prison has been holding the idea that people are superior ever since it was built; providing the fastest, comfortable and efficient service to the public. To promote the public serving quality, we also anticipate that the public could give us honest critiques and suggestions and we will convert them into the best driving power of public service.

B. What are we doing for you?

Inmates detained in the Prison include the sentenced person, defendant, military defendant, juvenile, observed detainee, rehab detainee and rehabilitation (detoxification) taken detainee. The Prison mainly engages in crime correction work and implement the custody, edification, health and medical care, skill training, progressive correction and parole operation; using the idea of applying “education” in lieu of “punishment” to boost the entire correction task; expecting that each inmate can learn to implement a brand new life in light side.

C. Content of service

  1.Main content made to inmate’s family member reception
    (1) Reception service to inmate’s relatives.
    (2) Transfer articles or foods to inmates from their relatives.
    (3) Transfer cash to inmates from their relatives.
    (4) Offer site or phone-call counseling service from the public.
    (5) Set service counter to accept counseling service on reception, help applicant who cannot write to fill out application form and assist the disabled coming to the Prison.
    (6) Serve for reception reservation from phone calls.
  2.Apply for certified document
    (1) Handle the in-prison certificate application.
    (2) Handle the fingerprint certification of commissions applied by inmate’s relative assigned by inmate.
    (3) Handle the return application of inmate’s personal articles from inmate’s relative.
    (4) Receive and transfer medication to inmates from their relatives.
    (5) Receive inmate’s special reception application from their relatives.
    (6) Receive inmate’s remote reception application from their relatives.
    (7) Handle the visiting or seminar from inmate’s relatives.
    (8) Hold telephone or site family reunion at the eve of lunar new year, Mother’s Day and Mid Moon Festival.
    (9) Provide copy & fax service to people coming to the Prison for official business or reception.

D. Public service measure

    (1) Build 2D parking lot for civilians coming the Prison for official transaction or reception.
    (2) Equip the service ring, wheelchair lane, disabled parking space and lavatory for the disabled to use.
    (3) Furnish comfortable chairs, lavatory, drinking water supply machine and newspapers/magazines at each service site for visitors to use.
    (4) Install bracket at lavatory for people putting articles at hand.
    (5) Clean up service site twice per day (at noontime and p.m.); regular disinfect it and timely hold environmental cleanness.
    (6) Plant flower at service site and actively green it to create a nice and comfortable environment to visitors.
    (7) Build bilingual mark boards and reception service boards at service site to make visitors realize the entire reception procedure and related notes.
    (8) Guides will actively guide visitors to apply for required applications or reception inquiry or application; if necessary, the guiders will fill out application form for applicants.
    (9) The Prison has asked all operators to show kind words and nice attitudes to applicants; and proceed with application case promptly and efficiently.
    (10) Enhance employee’s service politeness; more “please”, “pardon me” or “you are welcome” are spoken out in communication. And the superintendent, secretary and section chiefs will irregularly survey the service condition at service site and make phone call politeness test; involving the surveying and test result into part of personal annual grading.

E. Our commitment

    (1) Consistent in sending the idea of “people are superior” to service personnel. Use kind and active attitude to serve people; letting each visitor feel that he/she is the “boss”.
    (2) Request service personnel to promote professional capability and get familiar with related enactments in order to provide correct and quick counsel service to the public.
    (3) Reinforce to deal with the pleading from inmate’s relative or the public; eliminate their suspension; make the prison administration more transparent and break out the general “prison = black jail” image from the public.
    (4) Reinforce the guard and service counter function in administration building; providing the public faster and correct service.
    (5) Full-scale drive the uniform application window service; sufficiently apply the current information service facility to make innovative and expanded service content.
    (6) Go on performing the neighborly activities and poverty assisting works to increase the interaction between this Prison and neighbored communities and maintain good relation with them.
    (7) Continue to improve hardware/software in the service site and enhance environmental cleanness and greenness tasks; in the prospect of providing the public a convenient & obstacle-free service site.

F. Service time to public

    (1) Ordinary administration transaction engaging time:

          08:00~12:00, 13:30~17:30, Mon to Fri.

    (2) Reception-open time:

          Registering time:

          08:30~11:00, 13:30~16:00, Mon to Fri.
          Reception time on the first Sunday of each month is same to the above one.
          Reception time on consecutive holidays or festivals will be announced in advance.

G. Welcome to any suggestion from the public

Any suggesting regarding the service this Prison is providing now, feel free to tell us; we will humbly accept it and respond quickly to provide more thoughtful service to the public.

The Prison’s address: No 1-5, Fusheng Rd., Kinhu Township, Kinmen County

Reception Room: 082-332283 ext 203

Reporting phone number:
082-332283 ext 118

Reporting mailbox:

Public opinion mailbox:

Superintendent mailbox:
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