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Land area and capacity

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Area and Capacity of the Kinmen Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice

This prison is defined as a comprehensive prison in accordance with the validation of the Ministry of Justice, where the total area is 1.3484 ha, while the area within the prison walls is 0.6368 ha. There are 5 buildings in the area, namely the Administrative Building, Rixin Building (custody center), Zhongshan Building (male inmate housing and workshop), Kitchen Site, Juvenile Probation House and Female House.  As for the housing capacity, 213 people in total can be detained in this prison.

Area and Buildings of the Lianjiang Detention Center (Lianjiang Branch Prison), Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice

The area of occupied by the Lianjiang Detention Center is 0.064 ha, of which the main structure was established during two different periods. The first period covered the construction project of the “Lianjiang Criminal Court, Kinmen District Court, Kinmen District Prosecutors Office Lianjiang Branch and Kinmen Detention Center Lianjiang Branch” in 1988, one office, one kitchen site and four housing units were built.  The second period covered the independent project funded by the Ministry of Justice in 1995, where the main construction was a two-floor building that was in conjunction with the wall to form a complete protection system.  There are 5 single wards and 6 multiple wards in the male housing units, and two single wards and 2 multiple wards in the female housing units.

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