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Notes in reception

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A. Inmate under reception:

     Rank IV and higher rank: restricted to the closest relatives; Rank III and lower rank: inmate’s any relatives or friends.

B. Reception frequency:

  1. By following the regulations of progressive correction, inmate’s reception frequency is defined as below:
Rank IV or rank not-defined inmate: once per week
  2. Rank III inmate: once or twice per week
  3. Rank II inmate: once per three days
  4. Rank I inmate: once per day

C. Attendees in a reception:

     No exceeding three persons (child under five isn’t counted in).

D. Registration time for reception:

  1.   Mon to Fri:

       8:30~11:00; 13:30~16:00.

  2.   Weekend days:

       Reception time open to the first Sunday of each month is:
       Registration time:

       8:30~11:00; 13:30~16:00.

E. Apply for reception registration:

    Applicant should carry personal ID card and recognized by the Prison; child age within 5-14 having no ID card should carry the household registration record instead. No reception application allowable if applicant hasn’t carry original ID card or other ID certification document with him/her.
Make reception registration at the Reception Room.

F. Inquire reception event by phone:

  1. Office hour:
      (082)332283 ext 115【Reception registration】
  2. Weekend and lunch-break time:
      (082)331653 【Guard and Control Section】

G. Other notes:

  1. If sending in articles to inmate without making reception, it still should conform to the reception conditions to applicant and respective inmate defined above; yet, not inputted to computer and counted as a reception time.
  2. An inmate only can attend one reception in a day, except that the second reception made in the same day is to meet the inmate’s family members or closest relatives.
  3. If inmate has reported to the prison for less than six months, no reception or food send-in is allowed.
  4. Duty-detained inmate is treated as no-rank inmate in reception.
  5. Phone-call reception is identical to site reception in frequency counting.
  6. Special reception and additive reception are not counted into the normal reception frequency.
  7. If inmate has military entity, the prison may allow his/her superior of the unit served in army asking for reception if so required.
  8. Applicant should turn off cell phone while making reception; avoiding the inmate breaking regulations to send out illegal message out.
  9. No reception should be made if the respective inmate has already attended family meeting activity in this day.
  10. When the reception applicant makes the first-time reception, he/she should carry entity certificating document (household registration record or ID card) sufficient to prove his/her entity with the inmate; and for the other receptions made later, only ordinary personal document (ID card, driving license or NHI card) is required.

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