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Nov. 25, 109 Parent Education

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Parent Education

On November 25, 109, retired counseling director Cai Lijuan of National Kinmen Senior High School and Kinmen Prison conducted a parent education. The theme of the education was How to establish a parent-child relationship? The lecturer used stories to discuss with inmates to help inmates understand the types of teaching styles and parent-child communication skills. There were 4 types of lecturer sharing teaching, which were authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and Neglectful. Different types of teaching affected children's characteristics and behaviors.


The lecturer taught inmates that the parent-child relationship can grow and change, and shared the five-step communication with inmates so that inmates need to listen, understand, communicate, promise, and encourage each other when interacting with children. The lecturer encouraged inmates to maintain an open attitude when getting along with their children, learn to understand the children's life and experience, and promote the possibility of parent-child relationship progress.

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