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Oct. 14, 21, 109 lecture of family stress response and resilience

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lecture of family stress response and resilience

On October 14, 21, 109, Kinmen Prison and Fujian After-Care Association conducted lecture of family stress response and resilience. The lecturer was Pan Chanrong, Director of the Kinmen Lifeline Association. The lecturer introduced the definition of stress, common sources of stress, impact and assessment of stress, how to face stress, family crisis and resilience, etc.

According to Martens theory, stress was composed of individual perception, external environmental needs, internal and external interactions, and other factors. The formation of stress was affected by major life events, and stressors could affect health, interpersonal, economic, career, and family. Finally, the lecturer encouraged inmates to strengthen the three elements of family resilience, mindfulness, communication and resources, and prepare for the future.

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