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Aug. 18, 109 Traffic situation and traffic safety propaganda in Kinme

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  • Last updated:2020-10-05
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Traffic situation and traffic safety propaganda in Kinmen】

On August 18, 109, Kinmen Prison and Fujian After-Care Association conducted the traffic situation and traffic safety propaganda, and invited Liao Jiantang, deputy team leader of Kinmen traffic division as a lecturer.

The lecturer analyzed the age, gender, vehicle type, road type, period time and cause of fatal traffic accidents in Kinmen to help inmates understand the traffic situation, and taught inmates the basic right-of-way concepts, such as branch road cars let arterial cars go first, turning cars let straight cars go first, left cars let right cars go first, and multi-lane circles let the inner lane go first. Finally, the lecturer shared the actual driving images and told the students to follow the traffic safety rules and keep a safe distance from large vehicles.

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