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Dec. 03, 108 Parent Education

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Parent Education

On December 3, 108, Mrs. Zheng Suwen, the head of the Jincheng Kindergarten Kinmen Prison conducted a parent education lecture. The theme of the lecture was presenting what sex is to children with picture books. Through the picture books, the inmates will understand how to educate their heirs the gender education which should be based on the child's physical, mental, and cognitive development stages to give leadership and teach children the correct concept of gender. For example, at the early childhood stage, the child begins to experience the process of gender identification, stability, and constant. At this stage, parents should give self-identification and cognitive guidance. The related picture books are like the body. In the lower grades of primary school, parents should teach children about physical autonomy, self-protection, and love and respect to different gender identities. Relevant picture books are like my little first-aid handbook; in the elder grades of elementary school, the focus is to strike the stereotype of gender, assist children to explore and guidance appropriately. Related picture books are like various homes.

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