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Qingjinmen Town General Administration Department, Rehabilitation City

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  • Last updated:2020-04-07
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Rehabilitation market activities, chaired by Chairman Lin Bangliang, and invited Vice Minister Zhang Tou Hui,Prosecntor General, Jiang Huimin,  Wang Tiansheng, chief procurator of the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, chief procurators of the District Prosecutors Offices, and chief secretary of the Agence of Corrections Ye Zhen-lin and the heads of various supervisory offices and more than 150 people from all walks of life and correction and rehabilitation volunteers jointly kicked off the "Rehabilitation Market" exhibition.
     From the diversified operating products and excellent quality of the rehabilitated people and the various supervisory offices, we have seen the efforts of the rehabilitation and correctional institutions in the development of vocational training, and also saw the journey of the more successful people to work hard to integrate the society.
    The participating institutions have carefully selected the most popular, and they are all well-qualified and well-received inhabitants' work products, which attracts people to compete and watch, and also exposes the people to the warm side of flexible justice. Invisibly, it also taught the public a lesson.

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