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The Control Yuan Republic of China Monitoring committee Lin Yafong and Jiang Mingcang, etc. Inspected Kinmen Prison

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  • Last updated:2020-04-01
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committee Lin Yafoeng and Jiang Mingcang visited the Kinmen Prison and the Juvenile Detention House in the afternoon of October 31, 2019. They inspected the Ministry of Justice Correctional Services Kinmen Prison, the Kinmen Detention Center and the Kinmen Juvenile Detention House.

Accompanied by the Deputy Minister, Chen Mingthang, and Agence of the Corrections Chief secretary,Ye zhen-Ling,Kinmen Prison Warden Yang Yi-Chang, and the interests of the inmates were exchanged. Lin said: According to Article 1 of the Juvenile Incident Handling Law, the government should protect the juvenile's healthy self-growth and correct its personality, so it is different from the concept of general supervision and management. The JISC is particularly concerned about the management of the Youth Care Center and the Prison Administration, and on-the-spot understanding of whether the environmental equipment such as the premises of the Juvenile cells and the interview room are adequate.

The warden properly arranged the planning inspection on cells area and the two committees to be answed the questions immediately by warden Yang, the business briefing, he was responsible for handling the facilities and treatment such as the juvenile Detention house, self-operated biscuits, noodles and other products. With the environmental facilities, the two committees unanimously agreed and praised, and the inspection process was successfully completed.

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