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1120417 Kinmen Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice and the Department of Social Work of National Quemoy University jointly conducted a visit

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  • Last updated:2023-05-01
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Visiting the Department of Social Work of National Quemoy University

In order to enhance students' professional ability and facilitate their future connection with the workplace, the supervisor plans to conduct internship visits with the Department of Social Work (Department of Social Work) of National Quemoy Universityd. This activity was led by the chief and the advisor who introduced the various regulations, software and hardware facilities in the prison,and also visited the production process and production environment of self-operated goods such as the handmade health noodles of the prison and the clay oven rolls of Grandma Lieyu. After that,a Q&A discussion was held to encourage these future social workers to better understand the prison environment and correctional social work practices,and to encourage students to participate in the counseling and indoctrination work of rehabilitation in the future.

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