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July, 5, 111 Advance Group Counseling for drugtreatment「The 12 Steps」

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  • Last updated:2023-03-30
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Advance Group Counseling for drug treatmentThe 12 Steps

This time is a group counseling course for advanced drug treatment with scientific evidence. Psychologists Kong and Su continued the progress of the previous group to guide the inmates to read the twelve-step guide book and discuss, and for the tenth step: "Continue to conduct frequent self-examination, As soon as there is a mistake, we must immediately admit it.” and the eleventh step “to increase our conscious contact with the God we know through prayer and meditation, to understand his will for our life, and to develop the strength to do it. His will." To understand and understand, through the course, let the sheltered people understand that addiction recovery is a process, not just a result, and to help themselves continue to carry out addiction addiction beliefs and actions, Psychologist Confucius invited the sheltered people to make a list and develop The habit of people to check their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors at any time is to avoid being swayed by those bad habits in the past. Finally, psychologist Su assisted them in establishing new ideas, attitudes, and behaviors that belonged to their own beliefs, and strengthened the containment. People are in constant contact with their beliefs through daily practice.

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