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June 28, 111 Advance Group Counseling for drugtreatment「The 12 Steps」

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Advance Group Counseling for drug treatmentThe 12 Steps

Psychologists Kong and Su continued the progress of the previous group and guided the inmates to read the twelve-step guide book and discussion. This session is aimed at the eighth step: "Make a list of all the people we have hurt, and make I am willing to make amends to these people.” And the ninth step: “As much as possible to compensate them directly, unless doing so will hurt them or others.” To understand and understand, through the card “Tree of Life” and the card "Any Door" allows members to imagine what the new life will look like in the future, and visualize it as a picture card, and then invite the members to list the victims of their own actions according to step 8, and write down the specific compensation behavior, and then ask the members to share and check each other.


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