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June 27, 111 Advance Group Counseling for drugtreatment「The 12 Steps」

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Advance Group Counseling for drug treatmentThe 12 Steps

Psychologists Kong and Su continued the progress of the previous group and guided the inmates to read the twelve-step guide book and discussion, and for the eighth step: "Make a list of all the people we have hurt, and make yourself willing to These people make up for it." and Step 9: "Make it up to them as directly as possible, unless doing so would hurt them or others." With understanding and awareness, through curriculum guidance, the inmates will understand that harm does not only occur in the body, At the material level, compensation should be carried out on the mind and emotions, and guide the containment people to "make compensation" to develop new ideas, behavioral habits and attitudes, and assist members to make lists and cite actual compensation behaviors In this way, the practice and simulation practice of "drama" and "role-playing" are used to help contain people to cut themselves off from the wrong lives of the past.

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