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June 21, 111 Advance Group Counseling for drugtreatment「The 12 Steps」

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Advance Group Counseling for drug treatmentThe 12 Steps

Psychologist Kong and Psychologist Su continued the progress of the previous group and guided the inmates to read the twelve-step guide book and discussion, and for the fifth step: "I have to go to the sky, admit to myself and others where I am really wrong.", p. Step 6: "Prepare yourself completely for God to remove all the flaws in your personality." Step 7: "Humblely ask God to remove all flaws from me." With understanding and knowledge, help shelter people by examining the past Make mistakes and promise to correct them, and use the "Animal Emotional Healing Card", "Power Animal Card", and "Personality Transformation Card" as tools for the visualization of Vipassana, to help the inmates clarify what they need to change. Defects, and regard the shortcomings of changes as possible, in order to alleviate the unknown, fear, and insecurity of the inmates about "change"; to enhance the determination and motivation of the inmates for change, and to make the inmates more deeply appreciate the feeling of admitting mistakes and strengthen Motivation for change.

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