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June,15,111 Restorative Justice Advocacy

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  • Last updated:2022-10-19
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Restorative Justice Advocacy

This time, this is a prison-style judicial propaganda, and the educator shared the public TV documentary "Citizens Loud" "What do we do in prison? Talking about Imagination and Emotional Needs in Prison", the content of which is through the Minister of Justice, prison administrators, rehabilitated persons, prison social workers, and researchers of the Academia Sinica to share their views on the prison environment and system through various prison roles, and then promote restorative justice Crime not only deprives victims of their rights, but also destroys various social relationships. By repairing the relationship between the perpetrator, the victim, and the community and society, we make harm, the occurrence of harm, the understanding of harm, and the burden of harm become our responsibility. common things.

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