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June,15,111 Suicide prevention advocacy for inmates

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  • Last updated:2022-10-19
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Suicide prevention advocacy for inmates

This is a lecture on the mental health of inmates of suicide prevention and control. The instructors of the supervisor teach and conduct this group publicity. Through clarifying suicide myths (misconceptions) and teaching how to detect the warning signs of suicide precursors, such as external clues, thoughts There are six major factors, namely, the clues of the environment, the clues of the language, the clues of the behavior, the clues of the environment, and the clues of the concurrency. It is supplemented by the suicide prevention sand painting video "Light up Life and Hope with Love" produced by Mr. Hong Shijie, which advocates the concept of cherishing life and not hurting yourself easily, that life is precious, and how to explore and discover how to be human from a novel perspective the meaning of.

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