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June 7, 111 Advance Group Counseling for drug treatment「Adler Career Constructionism Group」

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  • Last updated:2022-10-19
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Advance Group Counseling for drug treatmentAdler Career Constructionism Group

Psychologist Kong and Prof. Psychologist Su performed the Henrickson relaxation breathing method to relax their minds. After that, they invited the members to introduce themselves with "How do the people who need me the most address me", and after drawing their own social atomic map, invite the members to Members share how to use their social support to achieve their desired lifestyle. Then, choose one person by social measurement, and use sculpture to present the appearance of the atomic map of riding society. By connecting career behavior with interpersonal experience, he can see the similarities and differences between family needs, expectations and himself. Finally, Confucius psychologist Psychologist and Su invited members to think about how to deal with risky situations in the "crucial 15 minutes".

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