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January. 13,111 Group counseling on scientific evidence-based treatment

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  • Last updated:2022-10-18
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Group counseling on scientific evidence-based treatment

To prepare for drug offenders to return to society and to connect with community addiction treatment and to assist the inmates and their children to change their lifestyles and turn their lives, and hope to assist drug offenders to re-examine themselves, rebuild their relationship with family and society, and continue after leaving the correctional institution Receive community treatment, and finally get rid of drug control. This is a scientific evidence-based drug treatment group counseling course. Through watching relevant YouTube clips and combining current events, the host’s impression of the course content is strengthened. At the same time, it uses "human rights education" and "drugs". "Prevention and Advocacy", "Remedial Judicial Justice", "Gender Equality Education", "Sexual Assault Prevention and Advocacy", and "Domestic Violence Prevention and Advocacy" related topics are supplemented with video clips for advocacy and intensified course depth. It also introduces how the board game "Rich Dad Poor Dad" can master cash flow to escape the shackles of existing life.

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