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December 8 110 Lecture on rule of law education and legal consultation-「Money borrowing and debt consumption」

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Lecture on rule of law education and legal consultation-Money borrowing and debt consumption

On December 8, 2010, the Kinmen Prison of the Corrections Department of the Ministry of Justice and the Kinmen Legal Support Foundation conducted a lecture and legal consultation on rule of law education, and the content of this lecture was provided by Tang Dihua, a lawyer of the Kinmen Legal Support Foundation.Lawyer Tang Dihua conducts lectures on legal issues related to money borrowing and debt elimination. The lecturer explains the matters of attention when borrowing money and eliminating debts. After the amendment of the laws related to loan and dissolution of money with the students, the residents were advised to investigate and make decisions on the issue of loan and dissolution of money before making a decision to avoid the subsequent legal issues.

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