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December 6, 110 1101206 Advance Group Counseling for drug treatment「Adler Career Constructionism Group」

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  • Last updated:2022-08-09
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Advance Group Counseling for drug treatmentAdler Career Constructionism Group

In the course that Advance Group Counseling for drug treatment, Psychologist Kong and Psychologist Su invited the members to strengthen their expectations for their future lives by introducing themselves in the form of "One day I hope to hear others call me like this" and design a business card for the work you want in the future, and then lead the rest of the team members to witness and empower.The teacher invited the members to "assume that they have become successful addicts" and performed in a "psychodrama" manner, and finally asked the members to share and give back to their "life style" and discuss how to use their personal characteristics to create a new life.

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