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July. 14,110 Containers copy the Heart Sutra by hand

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  • Last updated:2021-08-02
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Containers copy the Heart Sutra by hand

        In response to the current severe epidemic and special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic prevention measures, the prison has suspended the handling of foreign cultural and recreational activities in the prison to prevent the epidemic from flowing into the rehabilitation zone. In view of this, planning the heart sutra copying activities and providing appropriate rewards, in addition to solving the embarrassment of the host's non-educational activities, but also reducing the pressure of imprisonment and stabilizing the sentiment of prison by copying the heart sutra.        Provide transcripts of the scriptures every month and distribute them to recipients who are willing to copy, cultivate their meditation and perseverance, improve their thinking ability, and then identify and pursue an ideal life attitude.        This enables the inmates in this prison to solve the dilemma of non-educational activities by copying the Heart Sutra during non-educational activities. They can also stabilize their emotions by copying the Heart Sutra and gain an early opportunity to return to their hometown by serving their sentence in peace.

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