Kinmen Prison ,Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice
gate photoIn YONG-ZHENG Year 12 of CHIN Dynasty, the County Government Office (now is the Christian church) has built ancient detention center as the ancestor of modern prison. In 1915, Kinmen had become a county; since a county government must be equipped with a prison, therefore, prison was built at west side of county government. During 1937~1945, Kinmen was ruled by Japan; till Oct 1945............*Details

Sitemap(2)Address: 1-5, Fuxing Rd, jinhu Town, Kinmen County, 89142, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Traffic status:
By bus: wait bus at the bus station located at right side of airport’s departure gate; take Line 3 bus forwarding to Sanwai direction; get off at Sanyai stop and walk along Fuxing Rd. for about 10 minute.............*Details

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Address: 1-5, Fuxing Rd,jinhu Town,Kinmen County, 89142, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
Tel: +886-823-332283   Fax: +886-823-332994   Reception room: +886-823-332283#110

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